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How To Start A Law Practice....

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Attorney Anthony Comparetto can show you how to start and run a profitable law practice.  His system takes the fear out of "flying solo."

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You can start a solo law practice, partnership or professional association 

  • Without Having To Take Out Huge Loans....

  • With Little or No Client Base... 

  • With Little or No Experience in Business....

And grow it into a successful, exciting, fulfilling  and sometimes even fun business that you control by following my proven easy steps.

(To Find Out how You'll Have to Just Keep Reading) And I'm Convinced Any Lawyer Can Copy What I'm Doing Once They Understand It.

Dear Fellow Lawyer,

You  are reading this now because you want to start your own law firm and be in business for yourself or are curious about whether you could do it. 

You may want to start your own law practice for many reasons... 

  • Some lawyers want freedom in their practice
  • Some want unlimited earnings potential
  • Some want to be able to help more people   
  • Some lawyers just want to control their own destiny    

Well everyday, in every town in America, you will find lawyers starting their own law firms.  They do it because they know it truly is the road to success in the legal profession.   To me being able to control my own destiny, practice law the way I think it should be practiced and help people is the true definition of success. 

I am sure you are aware of all this but thought you just were not "equipped" to start your own law practice--- well then I have some very important news for you.  In fact, carefully reading this letter may hand you the income, wealth, opportunity, breakthrough, respect, control, freedom and windfall you’ve always dreamed of.  You may look back on the day you read this letter as the day you "hit the lottery," "became your own man (or woman)," and decided to really do it and "start and own your own law practice!"

Here is the amazing part....Did you know that you can start a law firm with really no money in the bank and provide a sizeable income for yourself?  For most lawyers, like you and me, starting your own practice is often the easiest way to become a success in law.  



So Let me tell you a little about my self....My story might just help you start a great law practice....

My name is Anthony J. Comparetto, Esq.,  I am an attorney practicing in beautiful St. Petersburg, Florida.  Twenty one  (21) years ago I was just leaving law school and I made a crazy, faithful decision.  I decided to...

Start My Own Law Practice Right Out Of Law School...

That's right I started my law practice

  1. With no money in the bank
  2. With little business experience
  3. With lots of debt...(We all have student loans)
  4. With no...that is right....NO clients
  5. Right,,,and I mean right out of law school

None of that mattered to me at the time.  I looked out over the legal job market landscape and said....I can do this myself.  It is now Twenty one  (21)  years later and I have a great law firm, great family and a great life.  The best part is that

You can do it to.  

Let me tell you a little more about how my practice grew from humble beginnings to the exciting practice it is today. 

In my twenty years of practice I have:

1.      Have handled a case that made the television show “Unsolved Mysteries” In this case we chased a woman all over the world who had stolen millions and abducted our client’s children.  We ended up tracking her down to a mountain in Costa Rica and having the Interpol police agency arrest her. 

2.      Have had a client fly me all expenses paid to the country of Brazil for almost a month to represent their sports television program.  During my stay there I was wined and dined by Brazil’s elite, stayed in beautiful hotels and felt like I was living the lifestyle of the rich and famous….and was paid to boot!

3.      Have represented professional fighters and been flown through out the world to sit ringside with celebrities and sports stars.

4.      Have had clients from International gambling companies fly me to Vegas to negotiate deals.  During these trips the clients of course paid for my expenses plus made available limousines for my travel.

5.      One client flew me to South Beach Miami to represent them at an entertainment trade show.  While at South Beach this client had a limo driver available 24 hours a day for the use by my wife and me.  You really do get better service when you pull up to a club in South Beach in a stretch limo!

6.      Have been appointed and served as a Quasi-Judicial officer, hearing officer and Special Master and have made rulings on thousands of cases.  I have ruled on more cases than some of the judges I appear in front of.

7.      Have negotiated deals over dinner with movie stars, represented independent movie production companies and even appeared in independent films. (I have come to the realization that I truly am a bad actor and should stay behind the camera or at least not open my mouth in these films.

8.      And much more than I can list here.

Why am I “tooting my own horn” about the exciting, glamorous parts of my law practice.  Because if one “little attorney from St. Petersburg, who did not graduate at the top of his class, can do it….so can you…If you have the desire and the right tools.

Now I have told you about the exciting parts of my practice but I will tell you that no practice is all glamorous. 

1.      I have also handled cases for people that have no money, no assets and no hope 

2.      I have had a thousand sad and horrible stories walk through my door

3.      I have seen people with horrible mental illnesses and traumatic childhoods

4.      I have felt the heart break and sadness of clients who have lost it all and have had no where to turn

During this though, I have always felt it a privilege, duty and honor to help people who have been less fortunate than myself.  Also, that has been one of the great parts of owning my own firm.  I can pick and choose which clients I decide to represent.  No one tells me who I can or cannot represent.

One of the benefits of having your own firm is you can choose who your clients will are in control of your own destiny!

Will it be easy? No, I would be a liar if I said that it was easy.  Will you be scared and want to quit?  Yes you will get scared and want to go hide under the BIG FIRM'S wings.  Will you be that super successful lawyer that everybody is proud of and looks up to?.... Well that is up to you and your heart.

It does not take a Ivy league education, a huge bank account or knowing the right people.  It just takes a desire to succeed!

Let me keep telling you a little more about my self and how my experience can help you succeed.  I went to Stetson Law school in Gulfport, Florida.  It is a small private law school that has a good reputation in the legal community.  It is not Harvard, Georgetown or Yale but it has a decent name.  I decided my last semester in school that I was going to do it. I was going to lay everything on the line, hang out my shingle and open up shop.

What was the first step that I took.  Well I went and read every book out there and every book in the library on "Flying Solo."  I sat down and read tons of business books.  I stayed up late at night writing down my business plan and then I did the number one thing you can do to be successful in business.  I took action.  If you get nothing more out of what I teach learn and live the concept of taking action.  

With the right information at your fingertips any attorney can succeed in their own practice.

Since starting my law firm I have handled every type of case, client, law and problem that you can imagine.  I have had multiple partners, paralegals and associates.  I have gone from a small executive office, to a waterfront office on the 14th floor of a high rise building, to multiple branch offices to finally owning my own office.   Many days you will find me practicing from out of my home.  I live on the beach and love sitting out back, hearing the waves roll in as I handle my legal work.   Since it is my own firm I can choose to sit on the beach and work. I don’t have to be tied to a suit, tie and stuffy office.  

Owning my own law firm gives me the freedom to set my own hours so that I can enjoy my family and my life.

I learned, from starting my practice from scratch, that if you can take action, have a "never quit heart" and the willingness to follow very easy to understand instructions you can be successful in your own law practice.

Listen, I’m a very serious businessman and attorney.  I make money showing both attorneys and regular people how to start businesses.  I have also shown hundreds of ordinary people how to start profitable simple businesses.  Check out my resume and you will see that I have serious business and legal experience. 

During my legal career I have represented thousands of business clients and here is what I have learned....

A Law Practice is one of the easiest businesses to start

Most people just can't start any other business as simply, as easily or as profitably as a law practice. It is one of the few businesses that I can teach in a way that  ANY ATTORNEY can copy and really make money. 

In fact, law practice is one of the easier businesses to start.....[ if you do it right]...because:

  1. It is a business where you can go out and be in business today
  2. It is a business which you can start without having to mortgage your home or borrow money
  3. It is where you can use sweat equity to make your future better. not just make the firms partners richer
  4. It is where an attorney can   make a fabulous income...if he/she works hard and smart
  5. It is where an attorney can eventually sell his practice and have something to retire on

And you can have your own Law Practice up and running this weekend if you want it bad enough...Done right a law practice will eventually be bringing in money like you never believed and like you really deserve.  

Most importantly, with my law practice starter system you can have all this happen for you even if you don't know where the courthouse is...(no just kidding you need to know that) 

What other attorneys are saying:

"I was working for a large National law firm and under tremendous stress.  I decided I needed out and the first person I knew I had to call was A.J. Comparetto.  He helped me plan an exit strategy and how I should structure my practice.  I now have my own successful law practice, own my own building and have a great staff and associates."

"Thanks for all the help!"

Thomas P. Gill, Esq.
Family Law

"The system you set up to bring in bankruptcy cases for my firm is still in place and still bringing in clients every day.  I have used your system non-stop for over 6 years and it hasn't failed me yet.

David L Delvecchio, Esq.
Bankruptcy Law

I worked for a high profile personal injury firm and learned quickly that I wanted to have my own firm.  When I opened my law firm there were no materials like those published by A.J. Comparetto, Esq.  I wish there would have been because it would have saved me years, and I mean years, of grief.  

I am glad I found out about Mr. Comparetto's system and appreciate all of the advice he has provided me over the years.

J. Christopher Carver
Criminal Law

Now lets talk about what you need to start your own law firm.

I am going to give it to you plain… need correct quality information.  To get through law school you had to be at least a little smart.  To get your law firm up, running and profitable you just need access to quality information.  Once you have the right tools at your disposal you can get out there and start building your practice.  So here is what I provide to you to get your law firm up, running and profitable:

Sample Excerpts From A Live Training
Webinar Recently Held For Members
(Members Get Access to All Live And Previously Recorded Training Materials)

*** Please Note That We Are Using A You Tube Video For Distribution - There is
a correct way to use You Tube video to build a law practice and an incorrect methodology
that we explain to members ***

Here’s Everything I Will Show You So That You Can Jump Start Your Law Practice.

  1. NEW USER PERSONAL ORIENTATION CALL  I host a special 60-minute Conference Call/Tele-Seminar for attorneys, to cover my “Quick Start Checklist”, and to answer questions about how to start your law practice fast.  If you wish, you can have your associates or staff join you on the call, or tape-record it.
  2. Step by Step Guides:  Yes, I will hand you a personalized, step by step guide to starting today, with little or no money, to making money and running a profitable law practice.  It’s yours.  It’s done and it will help you start ASAP to make money

  3. The "INSTANT LAW PRACTICE-SUCCESS TOOLKIT" Video Manual.  I have put this information in an easy to use and understand how-to Manual in video format.  This manual walks you through 27 simple, proven, practical ways to promote and market your law practice the ethical, professional and profitable way

  4. You also receive my Direct Mail Advertising Seminar which shows you how to use this little known tactic to increase cash flow and client acquisition.

  5. The How to Use the Internet To Build Your Practice audio seminar.  In this seminar you will learn how websites costing less than $200.00  drive new clients in excess of $5,000 a month to my law office.  The best part about using the internet is that you can do it in a ethical, professional and still profitable way!  A must for any attorney starting a firm. 

  6. You will receive hands on email support.  Have a question on practice building matters....send an email and get it answered

  7. Practice building seminars.  This is a new and exciting method that I have been using to update my members.  Tele-seminars allow you to call in and hear various experts discuss practice building techniques.  Stay up to date on the latest practice building strategies and hot new profit centers for lawyers

  8. Website Development and Linking privileges.  All of  our websites appear in the top ten search engine rankings.  Why, because I have an internet expert on staff who guides me everyday.  You will learn the same techniques that I have personally used to generate hundreds of new client referrals

  9. Website Linking Privileges:  By linking to my top-rated internet legal websites you can increase exposure, start generating new client referrals, increase search engine exposure and build a web presence.  Legal websites are how a small practitioner can compete with the big firms

  10. The Emergency 911 certificate:  Anyone who practices for any length of time will have a crisis situation.  With the Emergency 911 certificate you can get help immediately for these critical situations.  Facing a potential malpractice claim, miss a statute of limitations, facing disciplinary actions, cash flow crisis or the myriad of other problems that arise in a law practice....You will want someone who can help.  Being in business for yourself is scary so here is your way to call 911 for lawyers.

  11. Monthly Law Practice Newsletter:   Each month you can look forward to a practice building newsletter.  These newsletters are chock full of helpful hints to build, grow and maintain your law firm.  (audio/video/print format)

FREE SUPER BONUS:  We Will Even Hold Your Hand and Help You Get Your Law Practice Going.......

How much would it be worth to you to be able to hire a consultant who has run a successful law practice.....$500.00....$1,000.00....$5,000.00 or maybe more?  How much would you pay to have some one hold your hand and help you get your law practice going?  

Well I know that starting any new business is really scary.  You probably have so many questions and are scared of having to go it alone.

What if I told you that you could hire a successful law practice consultant to help you absolutely FREE! No charge. No catch. No obligation. Read on to get the details of this amazing-once in a lifetime offer: 

Here's the DEAL:  When you become a member of the "Instant Law Practice-Success System" you'll automatically qualify to get a FREE consultation with an attorney/consultant who has been in the trenches!

Think about it....a law practice consultant would normally charge BIG BUCKS for this service but I offer you a FREE CONSULTATION worth $750 absolutely FREE!

Why do I give away this amazing service away free?

The first reason is that I remember being in your shoes.  When I started my practice I was lucky and had some really great attorneys take me under their wings.  

I have never forgotten how having someone to talk to really helps.  In fact I remember how I was running out to my first divorce hearing and an old time attorney stopped me and took pity on me.  He told me exactly how to handle the judge I was going in front of for my first divorce hearing.  Without his help I would have looked pretty bad in front of my client.  

The second reason I  do this is that I want you to be a lifetime client.  When you start making money, with my system, you will come back to me to consult on how to build your practice really big and make really big bucks.   When you look at the membership form you will see I charge over $5,000 for a days consultation on how to build your practice big.  When you are up, running and making money you will gladly pay me that money for my help.  So by helping you I am helping myself  too.  It is a win-win situation and that is why I am throwing it in FREE for people who order immediately.  

The final reason is that I understand that it is very lonely and scary running a law firm.  While I love consulting with other attorneys I still run a REAL LAW FIRM.  Everyday I have to handle the same problems that you will be facing in your new practice.  I have seen too many legal consultants lose touch with the real problems lawyers face.  Here is also a little will face real problems....every lawyer does. 

You’re Probably Worrying: 
Getting In On This Must Cost A Small Fortune.....

Well, get this -- I’ll give you the tools to get your own Law Practice started this weekend.  You will INSTANTLY be set up to start your practice for less than you are spending on lunch each day!

Yes, I’m going to give you the tools to get your law practice running at almost no cost.  In fact you will probably pay for the cost of your entire membership with the first client our system brings in or by one of the proven strategies I will teach you.

The entire "Law Practice-Success membership will cost less than your are spending on lunch each month or dinner each week.  That’s Big Mac ‘n fries money.  ANYBODY  WITH  ANY  INTEREST  AT  ALL  IN  STARTING A LAW PRACTICE WOULD  FRANKLY  BE  A  DARNED  FOOL  NOT  TO  GET THE INFORMATION CONTAINED IN MY SYSTEM.  It’s a no-brainer.

This decision is a "non-decision".

Anyway, think about everything you’re getting FREE, when you invest in THE LAW PRACTICE-SUCCESS SYSTEM: 

  1. Step by Step Guides
  2. The "LAW PRACTICE-SUCCESS" Video Manual.  
  3. Direct Mail Advertising Seminar 
  4. How to Use the Internet To Build Your Practice audio seminar  
  5. hands on support
  6. Practice building seminars
  7. Website Development and Linking privileges
  8. Website Linking Privileges
  9. The Emergency 911 certificate
  10. Monthly Law Practice Newsletter
  11. Personal consultations

Any way you do the math, this is a ready-to-go law practice that should require thousands of dollars to get -- given to you, FREE with our kit.

Of course, there is a "catch".  Two, in fact.  First, I have to make it absolutely clear that this incredible offer will NOT last for very long.  Every year I take on a select few attorneys to help them build and grow their law practice.  I have to limit this to just a few select attorneys a month so that it will not inhibit my law practice.  

So to get the free gifts, with your Instant Law Practice Success  system  you need to act IMMEDIATELY.  (If your order is received too late, after I’ve stopped this offer, your credit card will NOT be charged or your check will be returned un-cashed.)  

Those are the ONLY "strings attached".

Even Though I’m Giving You A Entire Business system,
And The Instant Law Practice-Success System Is Only Pennies,
I’ll Still Back Everything Up With A Double Iron-Clad Guarantee:

Two guarantees, not one.  We are here to help you.  It is scary starting a law firm but with our step by step system I will help you start it easily and efficiently.  You won’t have to be worried about starting your law practice on your own and alone.  

Also, you can cancel at any time.  If you ever feel that you are not getting your moneys worth you can cancel your membership with no hard feelings.  I imagine if you are bringing in to many clients you might not need our help anymore.....but that would be a good problem.  

But rest assured, the guarantee’s real.  I’m not going anywhere.  I’ve been practicing for over 15 years and helping other lawyers start profitable law practices for just as long.  My law practice is in beautiful St. Petersburg, Florida  (I actually still practice "real law"  and don't just sit on the sidelines as a consultant)  

You CANNOT LOSE A DIME ON THIS -- unless you stay on the sidelines, watching others make big money in their own practice.  The only way to "lose" is to sit it out.  Believe me even if you don’t start your practice today you will learn hundreds of ways to bring in new clients to your existing firm.  Remember, the people who make partner quick at the big firms are the “Rain makers.”

What To Do Immediately, While This Incredible,
Is Available.....

It’s simple.  To order click here and fill out the acceptance form.  I will immediately rush you your own copy of THE LAW PRACTICE-SUCCESS SYSTEM  FREE for your preview and YOU WILL BE READY TO START YOUR PRACTICE AND MAKE MONEY*.  You’ll be in your own law practice in just days!!!

Think about this:  There are only 4 keys left to make money in law:

  1. You could work for a big firm and make partner....after working and billing 80 hours a week for 10 years or so...
  2. You could work for a p.i. firm and hope for that big case so you can get a bonus...
  3. You could become a judge and get out of the practice...
  4. You could start your own law practice....

There’s just no reason NOT to start your own law practice with this Program.  The how-to Manual’s a terrific bargain.  The entire "Law Practice-Success Start-Up Program" tells you everything you need to know.   If you can manage to think of any good reason to pass up this opportunity, I’d like to know about it -- so much so, if you’ll drop me a note explaining why you say "no" to this, I’ll send you a nice "surprise" Free Gift for your trouble.

You know, most attorneys are just so darned busy working they don't have time to figure out how to REALLY make money.  These "too busy" people will  be good lawyers but will miss out on the what they could accomplish practicing on their own.   I’ve made it simple, easy, quick, and virtually effortless for you to join me in starting your own practice

It doesn’t matter whether you work as somebody else’s employee now...... whether you’re already a successful lawyer doing quite well financially or barely eking out a living.....  The only thing that matters here and now is your personal interest in joining me in enjoying the incredible rewards, excitement, and profits available from owning your own law practice that really works.

Act on this now,  and you can be on the way to having everything in the world you want -- true financial independence, freedom and control of who and what you represent      


A. J. Comparetto, Esq.
Founder Start Law Practice Program

P.S.  Some people have asked me about my "OVER THE TOP" advertising and copy in this website.  I want to be 100% clear.  I like to have fun...both in my practice, my businesses and my life.  That is why I have been "Flying Solo" since 1988.  While I am super serious about what I do I believe that you must enjoy your life.  I have seen too many of my friends give their heart, body and soul to a firm and then be swept aside when it's partner time.   Whether you buy this course or not will not cause me to lose sleep.  If you are like me you want to start your own law  practice so you can control your destiny.  So have some fun it's o.k.

P.P.S.  Here’s a brief, partial sample of some of the important and profitable information included in THE LAW PRACTICE-SUCCESS SYSTEM:

  1. How to flood your new law practice with new clients FAST... With a simple click of a button
  2. How to Skyrocket your practice to the top of the law business
  3. How to start small and grow big.  Sometimes we have to take baby steps before running
  4. How To Guarantee YOUR clients stay with you and don't switch to other attorneys
  5. The Unusual Moneymaking Secrets hidden in the law business... And how to put it to work for you
  6. How to have other attorneys give you their clients.  It is the only time you can legally ‘steal’ your competitors business and have the other attorney thank you! 
  7. How to drive Hordes Of Clients to your practice... With little or no work whatsoever (well there is work but you won't be doing it...that is our little secret)
  8. How to use the Internet to make money even while you sleep
  9. How to stay safe and ethical in your practice. (The RIGHT Way is the Only Way)
  10. How to get others to refer your clients, while you sit back and rake in the dough
  11. How the "When in Doubt Throw the Client Out Rule" will prevent ethical grievances and keep you from losing your hair
  12. How to practice three (3) days a week and make as much money as working 60 hours a week
  13. How to make money and not lose your soul.  (Every attorney should have to take this course!)
  14. How to get FREE Advertising from your church or groups you belong to. That’s (At Least) 5 times better than paid advertising
  15. How to use ‘Viral Marketing’ to make serious money in a law practice
  16. Boost your law practice profits immediately with the strange secret of Handwritten letters
  17. How to really give back to the community
  18. Advertising: What’s working Now
  19. How to start right out of law school (just like I did)
  20. What you really need to start your firm
  21. How much staff do you need
  22. How to make your Business Card act like a Lottery Ticket and Drive Business your way
  23. How to make direct mail advertising work for you (it works but is not the best advertising)
  24. How to find those super profitable niches....Remember Riches in Niches.
  25. Why publicity is better than advertising
  26. How to make money with the Internet (Be part of the new wave of attorneys making money on the Net)
  27. Ethical Referral Systems that actually work
  28. and much, much more

The "Law Practice-Success System" gives you all that and a lot more!


To become a member of the
"Law Practice Success System" click here

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